Are You Eligible for Membership?
Membership is open to all archers who are members in good standing with Mandeville Sports & Social Club, our main body. All archery club members must be a member Mandeville Sports & Social Club.  Members are required to renew their membership each year with Mandeville Sports & Social Club and pay an additional fee to Mandeville Archery Club to help with the uphold of our facilities. By being a member of Mandeville Sports & Social Club does not automatically make you a member of Mandeville Archery Club and entitled you to the benefits of Mandeville Archery Club.

If you would like to join the club please speak to one of the members at the range.

All Archery members must be a member of Mandeville Sports and Social Club.
The fee structure to join Mandeville Sports and Social Club must be discussed with Mandeville Sports and Social Club. The archery section have no control over this.

These payments must be made directly to Mandeville Sports and Social Club and not the Archery Club.

Archery Members Specific:
Our annual butt fees are remaining unchanged. If you look at the butts and quality it can easily be seen that your butt fees are being put to good use in upgrading and maintaining them.

Every Archery Member need to pay R 150.00 butt fees per year for use of the range. Payment falls at the same time as the Mandeville Club renewals. Note this is per archer member and not per family ie. Main Member + Spouse + Child = R 450.00. These payments need to be made to Dale Jaeger, Tracey Jaeger and Petrus van Breda and not to Mandeville Club.

The locks are changed every year and will be changed in June 2010. Only paid up members (Mandeville Membership fees and butt fees) will receive a key.

By being a member of Mandeville Club you are entitled to shoot sanctioned archery events and claim  medals and colours as a Mandeville Archery member as and when you qualify.