When shooting at the Mandeville Archery Range please adhere to the rules. Dale Jaeger when at site will always be the Range Master.


  • This range runs on a NO PAY NO PLAY basis. All fees must be paid before shooting.
  • NO LIQUOR to be consumed by Archers whilst shooting.
  • Archers must stay in respective lanes.
  • No children permitted beyond centre boundry fence if flag is up.
  • Butts on stilts to be used with field points only.
  • Junior archers, 16 and under to use butts 6,7 and 8 only.
  • All spectators to stay behind shooting line at all times.
  • Archers are requested to keep the range tidy at all times.
  • Range saftey is high priority and rules must be obeyed at all times.
  • Anybody not obeying the rules will be asked to leave immediately.
  • The Range master has full control and his/her decision is final.

All archers must remember to bring their own targets and nails (to pin targets to the butts) to be used when shooting as none is available to buy at the range.

All butts to be have there grids put back in place and locked when shooter is finished. The last person to leave the range need to ensure that all butts have their grids in place and are locked.

Contact Details: Dale Jaeger – 082-733-6695.

If you forget the rules are also on a board at the range.

Mandeville Archery Range Rules