The current Mandeville Archery Logo is based on the older version that was used by the club.

This is the old logo for Mandeville Archery Club.
It is an Eagle standing on a broadhead. The club
was called Mandeville Field
Archery Club
This modern version of the logo as established
in 2011
. The club is now called Mandeville Archery Club.
The Eagle has been changed to an Eagle picking up an
Arrow (Broadhead is replaced with Arrow).

It was decided to remove the MFAC in the logo.

Meaning behind the symbols:

Gold Name and  Circles Outside Generosity and elevation of the mind
White (Argent) Inner Circle Peace and sincerity
Blue (Azure) Outer Circle Truth and loyalty
Eagle Eagle Person of noble nature, strength, bravery, and alertness; or one who is high-spirited, ingenious, quick-witted, and judicious; “True magnanimity and strength of mind”. If wings “displayed,” it signifies protection
Arrow Arrow Readiness (for battle)